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Boutique Estate Agency

My Beliefs

I believe in working with Pride, Integrity and Dedication.

By combining my beliefs with over 25 years of Estate Agency experience, I have created Heenay Joshi Property Experts.

Our modus-operandi is to align our interests with those of our Clients. Thus, we're only successful if our clients are, too.

Allow me to expand...

My beliefs

Why we choose to be different

Having already owned and operated a 4-branch High Street Estate Agency, I know first-hand, that the current Estate Agency business model is broken. This includes the Online Model.

Therefore, an Estate Agency with 50 selling clients, will sell approximately 40 properties, subject to contract. However, only 25 will complete. This means that as many as 50% of clients who initially instructed the agent are unsuccessful, while the Estate Agency continues to trade, profitably.

This is why...

(The following ratios are widely accepted within the industry)

  • 20% -30% of properties that come to the market, don't receive acceptable offers, and owners eventually withdraw from the market.
  • 30% -50% of Property Sales fall-through, after being Sale Agreed.


The Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy recently published a report called "Research on Buying and Selling Homes". The census reports that only 33% of sellers were 'Very Satisfied' with their agent. When asked what they'd do differently if they sold their property again, 25% of Sellers said they'd choose an alternative agent.

The birth of online agents

Around the financial crash of 2008, some agents thought it would be better to charge a lower fee, but upfront. So if they charged half of their normal fee to all clients, they would be equally profitable, but with less risk. This was the basis for the Online Estate Agency.

Why online agency isn't working

Where a Traditional High Street business doesn't create enough happy customers, an Online Agent charges less money for the same problem; you might, or you might not sell! While they continue to trade profitably(in theory).

What you can expect from us

Rather than being a transactional agent, we are customer-centric.

Therefore, we only market a maximum of 20 properties at any one point. By limiting our stock, we can focus on our existing clients whilst selling the homes we have.


Did you know?

In the first 18 months of trading, we achieved a 100% Instruction to Completion record. That means we helped all of our clients to complete the move of their dreams. All Buyers and Sellers gave us a 5-star review.

Your next steps

Book a consultation. We will discuss your aspirations and create a bespoke strategy based on our tried and tested 11-step process.