£153 million is set to be spent on Easter Eggs

£153 million is set to be spent on Easter Eggs

The Easter season is upon us, and it brings more than just the joy of family gatherings and the exchange of chocolate eggs. This year, the UK's spending on Easter eggs is set to be a whopping £153 million, an amount that carries significant implications for various sectors, including the property market.

A Nest of Homes

The staggering sum of £153 million equates to the price of a nest of 574 average-priced homes in the UK. With the average price of a property standing at £266,532, this comparison paints a vivid picture of the spending power unleashed during the festive season.

Cracking Growth in Egg-Spenditure

This year's egg-spenditure on Easter treats is egg-spected to crack an astonishing £48 million more than in 2020. The easing of lockdown restrictions has egg-abled many to meet outdoors and exchange gifts, if not hugs. This marks a significant rebound from the restrained celebrations of the previous year.

Celebrations Across the UK

Approximately 32.6 million people in the UK are egg-spected to celebrate this weekend, spending on average £25 each on Easter gifts, cards, and, of course, eggs (Source: Finder.com). This surge in consumer spending is reflective of the overall optimism and renewed sense of community as the nation gradually emerges from the pandemic.

A Lifetime of Chocolate

The love for chocolate is undeniable. The average adult in the UK consumes 126 Easter Eggs over their lifetime, with a confession from 40% that they can't live without chocolate (Source: British Heart Foundation, 2020). The unbreakable bond between people and chocolate is a testament to the UK's enduring traditions and shared values.


The Easter season not only brings joy and happiness but also sheds light on interesting correlations with the property market. The impressive egg-spenditure underscores the economic vitality of seasonal spending. As a leading estate agent in [area], specialising in selling homes across Warwickshire, I'm here to assist you with your property needs in Stratford Upon Avon, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Warwick, and beyond. Feel free to call me at 07864 942 768 or email me at hj@hjpe.co.uk to discover how we can find your perfect nest this Easter.


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£153 million is set to be spent on Easter Eggs

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