Pancake Day: A Delicious Connection to the UK Property Market

Pancake Day: A Delicious Connection to the UK Property Market

Shrove Tuesday, celebrated on 16th February, is synonymous with pancakes in the UK. From millions of eggs to record-breaking pancakes, this culinary tradition has curious connections to the property market. Let's flip through the fascinating facts:

An Eggstravaganza

Pancakes require a crucial ingredient: eggs. A whopping 52 million eggs will be used on Shrove Tuesday in the UK. That's 22 million more than on your average day! If we're talking numbers, this is indeed eggciting stuff.

The Cost of Eggs

With the average egg costing 19p, the total expenditure on eggs for this pancake feast equates to £9.62 million. To put that into a property perspective, with the UK average house price of £249,633, this sum could almost purchase 39 houses!

Record-Breaking Pancake

The love for pancakes reached an unprecedented scale in Rochdale in 1994, where the Co-Operative Union, Ltd created the largest pancake. With a surface area of 1,905 sq ft, this pancake was 53% bigger than the internal size of an average UK detached house (1,249 sq ft). A delicious record indeed!


Shrove Tuesday and its pancake tradition are not just about indulging in delicious treats. The celebration also draws surprising parallels to the UK property market, offering a delightful way to reflect on values, scale, and our cultural connection to homes.

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Pancake Day: A Delicious Connection to the UK Property Market

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