Window of Opportunity in the UK Property Market

Window of Opportunity in the UK Property Market


As we approach the spring season, the property market is showing signs of vibrancy. Recent data indicates an upturn in property prices, but also a significant opportunity for prospective buyers.


Market Analysis

This March, the average property price on the market saw a 1.5% rise, reaching £368,118—a notable increase compared to the historical average uplift of 1% for this month. This marks the third consecutive monthly price increase and the largest in ten months, driven by heightened demand.


The Current Opportunity

Despite the rising trend, current prices remain £4,776 below the peak of May 2023. This presents a window of opportunity for buyers who are now entering the market with potential bargains to be found.


Buyer Demand and Pricing Strategy

The market is competitive, with almost two-thirds of agents reporting three or more prospective buyers for each property. This underscores the importance of being well-prepared and decisive. Despite the strong demand, two-fifths of sales agreed in March were negotiated to at least 5% below the asking price, highlighting the necessity for realistic pricing and savvy negotiation tactics.



The current market conditions offer a prime opportunity for buyers looking to secure a property at a favorable price. For those considering entering the market, now may be an opportune time to leverage the available options.


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