Moving Home With Children

Moving Home With Children


Buying a new home is both an exciting and life-changing event.

Upgrading to a bigger house or just relocating to a nicer area allows us to rejuvenate and open up new chapters in our lives.

It is essential to remember, however, the move itself can be a very stressful process. This is especially true for younger members of the family who will need more time to mentally prepare for such a sudden change in environment and lifestyle.

Psychological studies tell us that children aged between 11 and 14 years are more prone to stress in these circumstances due to the massive hormonal changes happening in their bodies.

Nonetheless, much of this stress and anxiety can be reduced by remaining positive and being proactive with your child's emotions and needs.

With this in mind, I've put together some top tips to help make moving house easier for you and your family.

1 - Maximum time to process

Children are more prone to anxiety if they feel something is happening outside of their control.

They also take longer than adults to adapt to changes and new routines.

Telling your child about the move as early as possible is key to mitigating this and will give them time to process the changes happening around them.

2 - Weigh on the positives

One way to get your children more excited about the move is to highlight the positive changes of the new home or area and how this will improve their lifestyle.

They may naturally assume that moving means leaving behind their favourite things like toys and pets, so take time to reassure them that they will all be moving together.

3 - Stability & Consistency

Children feel more secure when they have stability and consistency in their lives. It's important to therefore highlight elements of their life that won't change. This includes things like play schedules, bedtime routines or the fact that they still have a supportive and loving family that isn't going anywhere.

4 - Allow them to say goodbye

Let the children say goodbye. Not just with their friends and neighbours, but also their favourite places such as parks, schools, or anything else they'd like to. Its also worth mentioning to them that saying goodbye doesn't mean goodbye forever and that they can always come back to visit in the future.

5 - Keep them away on moving day

Some children will find seeing their toys packed into the back of a truck upsetting. For this reason, it may be worth having them stay with a friend or relative on the day of the move.

6 - Children's bedroom first

When the moving truck does arrive at your new home, its always worth setting up the children's bedrooms first. This way, they have a safe and familiar space to retreat to when things get chaotic elsewhere in the new property.

7 - Explore together

Naturally, everyone will need time to adjust to the new location. But why not make it an adventure by taking your children out to explore the area? This also allows you to find nearby parks and playgrounds that will no doubt become useful later on.

8 - Meet the community

When moving to a new area, getting involved in your local community is a great way to make friends and feel at home faster. This will also give you an opportunity to scout out potential playmates for your kids.

9 - Be receptive and attentive

No matter how your child responds to the move, you must be receptive to their emotions and needs. Even if it's just to remind them that their emotions are always valid - there's no wrong way to feel. While moving house can be especially tough on younger children, both parents will also need to support and help each other through the moving process. Only with this strong mutual support can you really give your children the time and attention that they will need before, during and after moving into your new home.


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